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Westford Schools
May 5, 2017
Good Afternoon,
The rainy weather didn't dampen our spirits today!

We started the day with community meeting.  I hope you hear more about the following agenda:  

        *  Greeting - Mrs. Cunniffe's class taught everyone the Wave greeting.
        *  Share - In second grade library classes, Mrs. Whitehead challenged second graders to memorize a poem during National Poetry Month.  Many students took on the
            challenge and succeeded by reciting Shel Silverstein's poem "Acrobat."  Twelve students chose to recite the poem, in unison, this morning.
            Mrs. Whitehead talked to all of the classes about kindness and gratitude.  Every class wrote a heartfelt certificate of appreciation to their teacher.  In addition,
            the students wrote appreciation notes to all staff members on special stationary (I teach, what is your superpower?).     
            Connor and Colin from Mrs. Heller's class awarded the monthly Upcycle certificate and pencil bag to Ms. Brady's class.
        *  Group Activity - Mr. Weston reminded students that the Field Day theme is Superheroes:  Kindness is our superpower.  We thought together about ways to  
            use our superpower of kindness by showing sportsmanship.  Mr. Weston showed a very excited audience their t-shirts and capes!
        *  Morning Message - The message highlighted Mr. Weston's message:  

"During Field Day, we all have the opportunity to participate in many wonderful events and activities.  Some of these activities may be easy for you, and you may even “win” by running the fastest or throwing the farthest.  Other times, the activity may be hard for you, and you may run slower than others, or throw a shorter distance than your classmate.  It is at these times that we should all remember to use our superpower of kindness by showing sportsmanship and by being a good sport.  

When you are a good sport, you are using the “Golden Rule,” treating others the way you want to be treated.  You show sportsmanship by playing fair and by the rules of the activity, by being respectful of your classmates as well as the students in other classrooms, by being a good winner and telling others how well they did in the activity, by being a good loser, congratulating others and telling them how well they did in the activity, and by trying your best and having fun!"

Many RISE certificates were awarded.  Look for pictures on Facebook this weekend.

Don't forget WESTFEST tomorrow at the Abbot School (rain or shine!).  Mrs. McCusker and Mr. Middlemiss are going in the dunktank (11:30, 12:00).  :0

Have a wonderful weekend.

S. DuBois

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